Susan Villegas-Argis, Business Major




May 1, 2012

Susan Villegas-Argis, Business Major


Susan Villegas-Argis works full time and wanted to complete her B.A. in business as quickly as possible. “I plan to look for a job that allows for a quality of life that has been lost over the years,” she says. Ms. Argism enrolled at University College in August 2008 and graduated in January 2010. One of the main attractions to Adelphi was her ability to receive Prior Learning Credits and the availability of evening, weekend, and summer courses. “University College afforded me the opportunity to reach my goal and get my degree faster,” says Ms. Villegas-Argism.

Susan was a part-time student. She earned a total of 46 prior learning credits through a combination of work experience and by taking a fluency exam in Spanish.

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