Matthew Puma




January 19, 2012

Matthew Puma


M.B.A. ’08

A master’s of business administration student majoring in management with a concentration in financial markets, Matthew Puma has precious few minutes when he isn’t completing many tasks. A student at Adelphi’s School of Business since the fall of 2004, Matthew anxiously anticipates graduating with his M.B.A. in January 2008. Mr. Puma credits the School of Business faculty’s reliability and impressive credentials for the success of the M.B.A. program.

Matthew received his bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in the spring of 2003. Assistant Dean of Business Brian Rothschild’s involvement with his application process made for a smooth transition to Adelphi University. “He made it particularly easy to apply to Adelphi without feeling any pressure about the approaching semester,” Mr. Puma said.

He is currently employed as a credit associate at the State Bank of Long Island.  As an underwriter for loan offerings, Matthew is responsible for analyzing financial statements and transforming the information into written form.  “My classes have geared me up for my current position, as I received my analytical skills from my experience at Adelphi,” he said.  After graduation, he plans on remaining in his current position at the State Bank of Long Island.

He praises fellow classmates for the critical role they play in the educational process. His fellow M.B.A. classmates are very involved in classroom lectures and carve out time to form study groups outside the classroom, according to Mr. Puma. “As opposed to going through the motions, the students at Adelphi take their education very seriously,” he said.

He credits School of Business faculty members for their enthusiasm in the development of student knowledge, while the School administration, particularly Dean Rothschild, ensures students’ well-being through daily guidance and support. “This creates a comfortable environment for the students to focus on their education,” he said.

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