Levana Levy, Social Science Major




May 1, 2012

Levana Levy, Social Science Major


A full-time student, married with two young children, Levana Levy plans to pursue a Master of Social Work degree right after her May 2011 graduation. When she first came to the United States nine years ago from Israel, she was optimistic and ambitious, eager for “a better life.” For a woman her age (38), she says, building a career is not easy. For one thing, she had not been in a classroom since high school, 20 years ago. Moreover, English is not her first language and her children require her attention. Although she has considered abandoning her plans, she knew that doing so would foil her desires for a home and career. Fortunately, the University College program at Adelphi and its advisers enabled her to choose the right path for professional education and career development. Ms. Levy, who began at University College with 72 transfer credits, completed her degree in only three semesters due to a flexible schedule and earned 24 credits through Prior Learning.

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