Make learning for peace accessible, available, and affordable for all.

We’re excited about this program and its mission. If you’re an adult learner or a peace professional, or you just want to deepen your peace knowledge, then our program will excite you. The work is critical—any change agent in any field can benefit from practical peace-building and community-building skills.

We’ve made this program possible through a partnership with the National Peace Academy’s National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certificate Program. This certificate program offers short courses and distance learning opportunities in partnership with universities, nongovernmental organizations, and community organizations that are experts in their disciplines and practices.

You can take one course, or you can pursue a Certificate in Peacebuilding and Peacelearning by completing a holistic course of study that emphasizes practical experiences for putting learning into action. Through diverse partnerships, you can pursue unique courses of study most relevant to your personal and professional needs and interests.

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